Locking Down Azure AD Service Account

Microsoft recently updated security advisory 4056318 to warn against possible internal compromise of the service account that is used by Azure AD Connect to sync your on-prem AD with Azure AD. Distilling this article down to its essence, it’s basically saying that it’s in the realm of possibility that an internal AD admin with access […]


*New* Office 365 Message Encryption

Some more exciting news came out of September’s Microsoft Ignite conference – Microsoft has re-released Office 365 Message Encryption (I’m dubbing this product OMEnext for the time being). I use the term “re-released” because this functionality has been in Exchange Online for years. So if it’s been around for years, why the hype? This is […]

Contact Editing in Outlook on iOS and Android… Finally!

Microsoft has caught Outlook mobile up with the rest of the world in the ability to edit contacts from within the app. Yay! 🙂 More details here: https://blogs.office.com/2017/06/05/improving-people-in-outlook-for-ios-and-android/ A few thoughts on this: If you already have the native contacts app syncing with your Outlook\Office 365\Whatever account, if you turn on Contact sync in Outlook, […]

PowerShell Profiles

Often times, I see fellow admins doing a web search in order to copy\paste the necessary cmdlets from TechNet to connect to various Office 365 services like Skype for Business Online or Exchange Online. While that works fine, it’s a waste of time. The power of PowerShell should be leveraged, and using PowerShell profiles is […]

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DL Owners Can Upgrade to Office 365 Groups

Heads up – yesterday, Microsoft announced that DL owners will have the option to upgrade their DLs to Office 365 Groups. While, normally, this would be fine, it may not be the right thing for every company. Check this out: More information can be found here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Upgrade-distribution-lists-to-Office-365-Groups-in-Outlook-787d7a75-e201-46f3-a242-f698162ff09f?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US For those of you that don’t want this […]

Intune – Exchange Online Conditional Access and the OneDrive for Business Mobile App

Recently, we were contacted by a user saying that once we enabled conditional access for them for Exchange Online that they were no longer able to access the OneDrive for Business mobile application. At first, this seemed a bit puzzling. After all, we never enabled conditional access for any other application other than Exchange. As […]

Find and Eliminate Slashes for Public Folder Migration

I’m going to kick off this blog with some fun information about my efforts in migrating my company’s Public Folders from Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online. As I come across things, I’ll post them and try to give some PowerShell examples to help you through this. First – some context – our Public Folders are […]