“Cloning” Exchange 2013\2016 Receive Connectors

I’ve recently come across a need to copy over a large set of rules from one Edge server to another Edge server. Since these servers are in the DMZ and are not “officially” part of the Exchange organization without an Edge subscription, you can’t use clever scripts like this one to get the job done. […]


*New* Office 365 Message Encryption

Some more exciting news came out of September’s Microsoft Ignite conference – Microsoft has re-released Office 365 Message Encryption (I’m dubbing this product OMEnext for the time being). I use the term “re-released” because this functionality has been in Exchange Online for years. So if it’s been around for years, why the hype? This is […]

Intune – Exchange Online Conditional Access and the OneDrive for Business Mobile App

Recently, we were contacted by a user saying that once we enabled conditional access for them for Exchange Online that they were no longer able to access the OneDrive for Business mobile application. At first, this seemed a bit puzzling. After all, we never enabled conditional access for any other application other than Exchange. As […]

Find and Eliminate Slashes for Public Folder Migration

I’m going to kick off this blog with some fun information about my efforts in migrating my company’s Public Folders from Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online. As I come across things, I’ll post them and try to give some PowerShell examples to help you through this. First – some context – our Public Folders are […]